Meet our home grown champs

“Kilfit has changed my life! Pam has trained me for three months. I lost 30 pounds, dropped body fat and lost so many inches! All I can say is Pam is an amazing trainer. I am so excited to keep training. I’m on a whole new level and I am addicted to training and eating healthy. My new lifestyle has given me more confidence and energy for my 11 month old baby girl. If I can do it, you can do it! Don’t wait!”

-Stephanie Cuevas.

“My 8 Year old hockey player son sees KC 2 x’s a week and has been going for 4 months. And already his game, movement and stamina has improved greatly. This place is great for all ages and they work on perfecting movement and strength to help prevent sports injuries. Teaching proper form and movement. My son loves this place so we will be continuing 2x a week for many years. He loves that they also work on different things to make it exciting. And he comes out dripping in sweat. I definitely recommend this place for anyone at any age as well as everyone in any sport. Especially Kids in their development for their specific sport or sports.”
-Lindsay W.

“Trust the process! That is what I learned. I was coming off an ankle injury and didn’t want to join the challenge Kilfit was having. Coach Arna assured me he would modify my workouts so I wouldn’t re-injure my ankle and he did just that. The knowledge he possesses on body mechanics is absolutely incredible. His program got me through the challenge, injury and all and got me first place. Special thanks to Arna and Kilfit! ”

-Edward Arellano

“The fact that I can come here and not feel overwhelmed and welcomed is awesome! Now the workouts are the best I have ever done! Never the same routine, which is what keeps me coming back for more..its a love hate relationship with working out. Trainers are always motivating you. If you want out of your daily routine come and try it out. I do mud runs and this is where I get my training on. I am not much of a runner so these workouts give me everything i need to accomplish. See ya soon!”
-Cynthia L.

“Wonderful gym. I definitely recommend it for anyone that is an athlete, want to train like an athlete or just looking to improve how your body functions, feels and looks. They have knowledgable and friendly trainers and staff that will work with you on your needs. I was recommended by my teammate to come and so I came to them to help me with injury prevention and performance and after only 8 sessions, I can feel a difference in my speed, explosiveness, power, and stability. I look forward to my future with them as I continue to improve myself as an athlete.”
-Julia H.

As pictured above: Nico G. winning First place in his weight class for wresting in the CIF Southern Section Tournament.
“As Nico’s father and coach I would like to give my most sincere thank you to Arna and and the entire Kilfit team for their excellence, dedication and passion for working with athletes of all ages. Our success would not be possible without you.”

-Pete G.

Kc is a very knowledgeable trainer. When I first started, he asked me what I was looking for and tailored it to my needs. He switches it up so that I don’t get used to or bored of the exercise but each movement is fit for improving what I need for my sport. Many of the workouts, I’ve never even seen before but it all uses the parts of my body that is needed to help improve me for my sport. After 1.5 months, I’ve seen improvements in my explosiveness, speed and strength. He knows when to push it but also knows when to let up when I’m dying. He isn’t like most trainers who just makes me train just to train. He constantly asks about how I feel and sees how my body is responding to determine exactly what it is I need rather than pushing me to the point of injury. Where most trainers think more is best, he assures me to take care of my body so that i can train more efficiently and get the most out of my workout rather than training half-ass. He is big on quality over quantity and will watch every move and keep track of my form/speed/intensity. Besides being knowledgeable, he’s always kind and welcoming, so I always enjoy coming in to train with him.
Julia Ho

Arna has been my personal trainer for a year and I have seen outstanding results during that time. His extensive knowledge and commitment to his work provides the necessary foundation for my workouts. He designs each workout to be challenging in order to achieve the best results and provides the necessary motivation and encouragement to complete each session. He emphasizes correct form with each exercise to reduce any chance of injury. During my time working with Arna I have become stronger and have more confidence in my physical ability. If you are serious about working out and achieving great results, I would highly recommend Arna.

Donna Coplin

As a trainer the enthusiasm kc brings is second to none, his approach is different, everybody response differently to things, times I need a kick in the ass and times he only says a word or two constistently throughout the workout but that triggers something, he knows when its time to do either one..the knowledge he brings especially sport specific training as we do for football is greatly never ending..even when I injured my knee we began to rehab and strengthen and even then explains movements, you’ll never be w out energy when training w kc, cause you feed off his vibe and that gets you ampd.. he also isn’t just a trainer but a friend as well, as w everyone in the gym he takes the time to teach, help, even if your not training w him..also something I saw one of our training sesh, a guy walks in tlks to him a bit, as I’m leaving I see this gentleman outside being productive, that says alot about this mans character, thats how you build a community and respect..truly a humbling experience to see..I feel like not only have a grown as an athlete but also as person for knowing him and learning as they say lead by example and kc is a great example of that.








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