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Personal Training

Personal Training

One-on-one (or group) sessions with customized and challenging routines to help you reach your fitness goals!

KILFIT’s® training philosophy is a right balance between cardio, body building, power lifting, cross training, and functional training. You train with constant heart rate stimulation while working on cardio, muscular development, core strength, and stability all at the same time. We incorporate multiple workout methods for an effective training session, which gains results faster.

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Great for:

-Weight Loss & Health

-Sport-Specific Training

-Muscle Gain & Protection

-Challenge/Routine Busting

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Personal Training Packages Include:

-Meal Plans

-Workout Plans

-BMI/Tracker of Body Composition Changes (measurements taken weekly)

-Work on Your Fitness Goals

-10 Minute Active Warm Up and Cool Down (your sesssion + 10 min warm up + 10 min cool down)


Bootcamp classes are at 5am, 6am & 6pm Monday-Friday, 10am Saturday-Sunday.

Our classes are led by motivating, no excuses trainers who want to see you progress. We set up circuits that work multiple parts of your body and keep your heart rate going throughout the one hour class for maximum weight loss. Train hard during bootcamp, come consistently, and eat right for healthy results!

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Tailored professional performance training program for professional athletes as well as the amateur and semi-professional athletes. KILFIT allows us to maximize ourselves through hands-on workout sessions targeting the enhancement of one’s overall athletic abilities and capabilities.

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Sports include:

✦ Football
✦ Soccer
✦ Rugby
✦ Waterpolo
✦ Basketball
✦ Baseball
✦ and so much more….

Based on the understanding of multiple sports and the muscles associated with performance while practicing these sports. Promoting sport specific strength and conditioning while focusing on hip strength, overall power, general speed and agility, muscle movement precision, and physical effort efficiency.


Invest in your youth’s health and self-esteem! Our KID FIT program focuses on empowering youth to feel great about themselves and develop healthy habits at the same time


Kickboxing Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00-8:00pm and Saturdays at 9:00-10:00am.

Join us for an intense cardio, full body workout! You melt fat fast while releasing your stresses and tensions out on some punching bags. You also improve your flexibility and reflexes in addition to learning self defense with friends at KilFit Kickboxing.

Classes are led by Jose Huerta, our in house MMA Fighter.

Athletic Fitness Academy

Is your office out off shape? Our Fitness Academy is great for businesses, schools & organizations that need professional help to achieve healthy lifestyles.

Military and Law-Enforcement Training Programs

At KILFIT we’ve not only had excellent results training US Olympic, NFL and MMA pro-athletes, but also in the training of Military and Law Enforcement Personnel. Current clients include off-duty active-members of the US Armed Forces, Military Academy Cadets, LA Sheriff Dept. and Local Police Officers, as well as Firefighters and Security Professionals.

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  • Mon-Fri5am to 6am
    6am to 7am
    8:30am to 9:30am
    6pm to 7pm
  • Sat-Sun10am to 11am


  • Tue & Thu7pm to 8pm

KID FIT - begins may 2018

  • Tue & Thu4:30pm to 5pm
    5pm to 5:30pm

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